"There is only one true genius! And it's MEEEEEEEEE!"

Nemo is a scientist claiming to be the world’s preeminent researcher whose actions are questionable at best. Due to his irrational behavior, people rarely desire to interact with him. Yet there is no question he is quite the genius — with a moral compass more than a little skewed. He firmly believes no sacrifice is too great to complete his research, as long as he isn’t the one doing the sacrificing.[1]


Nemo is a tall, dark-skinned lanky man with knee long white hair, highlighted with a few strips of a soft pink. He has at least 4 piercings, most on his mouth, gold teeth casings, and large, oddly-shaped brass goggles. Nemo also wears a black and red, crinolined captain's jacket splattered with purple paint, purple-striped pants, and thick matching leather gloves and boots with buckles of cogs and boat steering wheels. What the strange equipment is on his back has yet to be identified.



Nemo is a genius in his own right, having a place in the Royal Society. He gets kicked out when his ideas get too out of the control. Issac Beckford is the only one who awknoledges him. Nemo becomes his "student" wanting to make Issac proud.



  • He is loosely based on the literary figure Captain Nemo, created by Jules Verne, who also created Impey Barbicane. He first appeared in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" (1870).
  • His name, Nemo, means "nobody". It is very likely that like in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", his name is not actually Nemo - it's just an alias.
  • Along with the other Code: Realize characters, he appears in Sephirot ~World Tree of Time~ as one of the collectable cards. He is of the skill class.


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